What I Eat

Top Rules for healthy eating

  1. Eat only food grown within a days horse ride from where you sleep.
  2. Eat only meals you prepared yourself.
  3. Eat food whole and raw when ever possible.
  4. Nothing prepared, canned, dried, pasteurized, salted or spiced, sugared, preserved, colored,
  5. Grow whatever food you can.
  6. Drink clean healthy water.
  7. Alcohol is poison.
  8. Most spices and supplements are contaminated and should be avoided. Grow fresh herbs and spices.
  9. Grasses, such as wheat and rice, should be reviewed for allergic reactions and addiction.
  10. Eat smaller portions only when hungry.
  11. Coffee and tea: loved by so many. Watch addiction.
  12. It’s ok to break a rule once in awhile.
  13. Soda drinks are poison.
  14. Salt should be strictly limited.
  15. Sugar should be limited.
  16. Fat is excellent fuel

I eat

  1. Eggs
  2. Raw cheese
  3. Fresh Cream
  4. Olive Oil
  5. Corn tortillas – should stop
  6. tubers: potato, sweet potato, yucca, ├▒ampi,
  7. roots: garlic, onion
  8. Fruit: banana, platano, papaya, mango, orange, lemon, pineapple
  9. Meat: Tilapia, chicken, beef
  10. Vegetables: squashes, zucchini,

I do not eat

  1. Peppers, tomatoes, egg plant
  2. nuts except when fresh raw or roasted but unsalted
  3. Wheat, rice, soy or other grasses
  4. Restaurant food with exceptions
  5. Potluck food
  6. Canned, bottled, jammed, preserved, prepared, stored, handled, shipped, frozen, modified, homogenized, vaporized
  7. Lettuce – because its hard to get good stuff.
I love garlic. Often I will eat an entire head of garlic in one meal. I usually peal them carefully, putting aside the smaller ones for later, and then fry them for only 2 minutes or less before enjoying them along with eggs or potatoes. When I boil up some tubers I will throw an entire head of garlic into the pot. Later I cut the garlic open at one end and squeeze out fresh build delicious garlic paste. Yum.
Free at home

Free at home

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