Away Log Lr822159

I have successfully joined with the free thinkers and adopted their ways, including their diets.

Recently I was in Yaslow and treated myself to some delicious ice cream, of which I am fond but have gone some years now without eating. Within an hour or so of eating a big portion of minty mint chocolate, my knees suddenly cried out in great pain and I could hardly walk. Little did I know the cause so I spoke with a Physician, an M.D. about this as it was really quite painful to walk especially up hill. He said it was arthritis and I should take his drugs and sit more. Well I don’t talk drugs of any kind, not even this forced upon us. Another year with the frees without ice cream and back in the city once more and again I ate too much and again my knees went out.

Later I learned that the ice cream is made and sold by the same people that sell the pills the MD wanted my to buy.

Free at home

Free at home

we have survived somehow. so many challenges all predicted, in fact layout and organized so the rulers could visualize without reading. Movies magazines books conferences as much as they lay out theorized predicted catastrophes, tell the plan as we see it now before...

Eat for health

your body knows what it needs and it is telling you. learn to listen. what you think of as intuition, should be one of your connections to know what you need to eat and do for optimal health. Use of pendulum to access intuition may be helpful. I would not eat if I did...

Is Space Empty

By definition space is empty. Defined as that which is nothing, has no properties, holds no things, is not a thing, does not exist except as a reflection or a shadow exists. Occupied space now has properties and can no longer be called space. However we do use the...