Eat for health

your body knows what it needs and it is telling you. learn to listen. what you think of as intuition, should be one of your connections to know what you need to eat and do for optimal health. Use of pendulum to access intuition may be helpful.

I would not eat if I did not get hungry. Since I do I prefer meals and prep which take up the least amount of time and provide good health benefits. After years of trying different diets and life styles I have arrived at a personal meal plan which to many may seem really boring, and yes it certainly can be a limited input meal plan, BUT, I feel good !

What I eat may not be what you should be eating. There are so many books that claim to tell you and some of these books are vey good, especially when you fit their target audience profile. True that I have not read more that half a dozen diet books in the last two dozen years. Please point me to those who teach to listen to the calling of the vegetables on the venders pallet speaking to your inner voice, your intuition. Take out your pendulum if you like, and pass it over the veggies and fruits to see which ones resonate with your bodies needs. After awhile just with your hand or just with your heart antennae get the message “eat me” or “yecch no”. No more diet books needed.

that being said, there are some basic rules that any good diet should maintain. Failure to follow these few simple easy to understand rules, will lead to failure pain distress and worse.

  1. Never consume artificial chemicals, preservatives, colors, flavors, flow enhancers, sweeteners, anything that has been added to food to make it profitable.
  2. Beware of allergic interactions that will clear and are not permanent.
  3. Change to better eating habits will be painful emotionally and physically. This pain rarely lasts more that two weeks. When one is on the right path cosmic revelations fill the soul, that is one realizes that the new way is a better way and is thus able to continue on with faith and hope.
  4. Soap residue left on eating is toxic and must be avoided. Best to wash dishes without soap just hot water.
  5. GMO products are highly allergic, addictive and toxic. should not be eaten.
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