Robots Everywhere

Robots. All of them. I think they have been robots a long time. years.

They look and act human. Well, cyborg I believe is a better description. They are controlled by the hive mind, A.I., the great computer super brain. Told what to believe, what to say, how to behave. Compliant living dolls. Robots really. No will of their own. Often found staring off into space as if lost. Make great soldiers. Or mobs for hire. Rebels on payroll protesting the rich bastards that run everything. Retire in the Mediterranean. Vanity and self only while preaching sharing social unity equality blather on.

It’s like walking down a street from the movie Matrix, you see people, look them in the eye, but they are not home. On missions each and everyone. Even the bums seem to be infected. Minimal talk. No interaction. Obeying the mandates, the dictates of political robots.

Free at home

Free at home

we have survived somehow. so many challenges all predicted, in fact layout and organized so the rulers could visualize without reading. Movies magazines books conferences as much as they lay out theorized predicted catastrophes, tell the plan as we see it now before...

Away Log Lr822159

I have successfully joined with the free thinkers and adopted their ways, including their diets. Recently I was in Yaslow and treated myself to some delicious ice cream, of which I am fond but have gone some years now without eating. Within an hour or so of eating a...

Eat for health

your body knows what it needs and it is telling you. learn to listen. what you think of as intuition, should be one of your connections to know what you need to eat and do for optimal health. Use of pendulum to access intuition may be helpful. I would not eat if I did...