Is Space Empty

By definition space is empty. Defined as that which is nothing, has no properties, holds no things, is not a thing, does not exist except as a reflection or a shadow exists. Occupied space now has properties and can no longer be called space. However we do use the term to refer to all areas off planet. And here too we must be clear, space is not space and therefor can be anything but empty. The term space to refer to outer space is an unfortunate word choice.

Standard model physics states that space (outer space) is empty and free of restraints. They believe that bullets, they call photons, are shot by the sun in all directions and those that strike earth give us light, heat, and food. The claim is these photons are special and need no medium to travel thru but can travel at a precise speed thru empty space. Even with this wrong thinking it can be pointed out that since the sun is always sending out photons that the whole area surrounding the sun will be jam packed full of photons – so now maybe the photons themselves become the medium of transmission.

Since space is not empty but is in fact full of photons from all the suns in all the galaxies, be they strong or weak of nature, they are everywhere in outer space, and too, in ourselves. For it is the constant replenishing of life force energy thru photons that we live. They say it is oxygen that is most important, but we say photons are the key to life.

NOTE: please change the word “photon” to “aether” in the last paragraph to start to unlock the mystery.

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