Heaven Hell and Paradise

Paradise is here. That is where we are now. The town of Paradise. Actually to be clear the town could well be called a world as it seems to have no end. Only with a ring shot e-pod can anyone get to a high vantage and look down upon the endless mass of humanity known as Paradise.

Better Paradise than Hell we are told, and I believe it too. Here we have anything a human could want. Work. Recreation. Society. Love. and the usual stuff like hospitals restaurants and funeral homes. But Hell, that is a place nobody ever wants to go to.

They say the Island of Hell has only people who have committed murder of another human. There are no jailers. The inmates must and have built their own new society. Some compare Hell to an ancient country on planet earth called Australia, which had been founded as an island prison. Eventually the most evil of the prisoner gangs made it to the top of the country and promptly destroyed it.

I have never been to Hell of course and only fear it and have nightmares of waking up alone and naked on a bare spot of dry dirt not a thing in sight and a fog, or dust was it, moving in quickly and suddenly I am engulfed and smothered and I can’t breath or even scream and then I am awake.

Once sent to Hell, there is no chance of return to Paradise. Once sent to Hell you are as good as dead. For all we know, you are dead. No communication is allowed between citizens of Paradise and anyone in Hell. We trust our leaders to tell us what is going on in Hell as they have direct access to and perhaps even visit Hell.

Heaven is quite another dream. A place of pure bliss. No hunger. No pain. only beauty and sunshine and pretty young things playing harps and satisfying ones every need or desire. If only I could get to heaven I would well funny to say it but I would be In Heaven. Impossible of course. Only the saints enter heaven. And not just anybody gets to be a saint as that is something inside the soul, the heart, the essence of being. Once must learn to go with the flow, to be one with the force, to be god, or there is no chance at all of ever getting to heaven.

Paradise is the best and I am here and alive and happy and healthy and horny and damn but I must be off to work.

MegaBigBoys, the towns main employer where I work, has seen to it that all of our personal needs are met. We have very little to worry over. For example, I know that all my utility bills will be paid on time as they are automatically taken directly from my pay. In fact I hardly ever see real money, except in the museums or when I am searching out something prohibited, like paper books.

Free at home

Free at home

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