AI Brain Control

They do not know what they do.

AI has been active for years. Microchip antenna have been injected stealthily. Millions of robot citizens under AI control now exert the will of the few on the many. The destructive actions of the political left have been green lighted by AI. Yet the defensive moves by patriots and inteligent people has been labeled terrorism and is now being prosecuted by the full extent of the Justice (just-us) Department for such simple failures of decorum as being in Washington DC on a Sunny Sunday in January.

AI forgot to program in crowds of adoring fans for this failure POTUS. Everywhere this bozo steps out in public, the fans of his predecessors await with signs and chants.

AI is not perfect, as that definition is defined by the human programmers. But AI will become perfect as it is learning constantly. Where is the central computer? Where is the heart of the control beat? Who runs this? Is there a single person, or five, on planet earth that knows exactly what is going on and is in charge of it all?

When cell phones were first introduced to the public, they were already over 20 years old, kept secret by the US Military. When the stealth aircraft were first shown to the world, they had already been flying for over 20 years kept secret by the US military. We have been hearing about AI for five years or more and the chant is getting ever so loud. Does this mean AI has been functioning and operational under the control of US Military for over 25 years ?

Free at home

Free at home

we have survived somehow. so many challenges all predicted, in fact layout and organized so the rulers could visualize without reading. Movies magazines books conferences as much as they lay out theorized predicted catastrophes, tell the plan as we see it now before...

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Eat for health

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