Island Design

When choosing the location of your island prison colony, be cognitive of the following points.

  1. Escape proof
  2. Self sustaining
  3. minimal to zero administrative oversite and control
  4. Opportunity for soul cleanse thru karmic shedding
  5. Rampant evil cleansed by volcanoes and floods
  6. Outsiders who gain entry find escape impossible

Does earth meet these requirements?

  1. The earthlings are still trying to escape, but we keep foiling their attempts. Even now they build giant penis rockets in some grand competition to see which big dick is going to be first to the moon and mars. Those giant cocks will not be allowed into space.
  2. The earth has fabulous resources. But due to the general evil greed of the rulers, most people have no idea just how rich the planet truly is.
  3. We do watch the goings on and occasionally send messengers to earth to try to help the souls who seek salvation to find it. Our messengers have been known by many names: Buddha, Mohamad, Jesus, David Icke.
  4. Some of the most evil characters sent to earth can be found in Tibetan monasteries, far from temptation. Some make it off earth thru karmic shedding and recycling in only one lifetime while most require several to many lifetimes to fully complete the soul cleanse.
  5. Oh yes volcanoes and floods are our favorite destructions to throw at these folks. But we have much more available to us as well.
  6. Only those who we give permission to visit earth are allowed to easily and freely enter and exit the planet. We have a number of controls in place.
Free at home

Free at home

we have survived somehow. so many challenges all predicted, in fact layout and organized so the rulers could visualize without reading. Movies magazines books conferences as much as they lay out theorized predicted catastrophes, tell the plan as we see it now before...

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